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Lavylites Registration

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Lavylites Registration

Here you can sign up for Lavylites in order to buy at whole sale prices. Simply fill out the form and receive your login via e-mail.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our Lavylites Team and support you the best way in using of Lavylites as well as helping you to build a business with Lavylites.

First of all, registration is free and without commitment. There are no obligations. Basically, registering is similar to creating a regular customer account for an online shop… but there is a huge difference: The possibility to take part in a bonus system, which in time can lead to a regular passive income!

When registering for Lavylites, will assign a sponsor to you, unless you appoint a specific sponsor by using the Lavylites Sponsor ID yourself. In this case please keep in mind that all services offered by are only available to those who are using a Lavylites Sponsor registered through us.

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If you don’t want to enjoy the benefit of being signed by us you can sign up directly at This might work instantly and therefore faster for you, if the country of your shipping address is already open.


What should I be aware of when registering?

Anyone who would like to have this opportunity should take note of the following for the first order: 

  1. If the amount of my first order is less than 80 PV (PV = product volumes, equivalent to 80 EUR net) I am registered as a customer and can receive the products with a discount of at least 25 %.
  2. If the sum of my first order is more than 80 PV, I am registered as an independent sales partner and in addition to the benefits in 1. I can also take part in the bonus system.
  3. If my first order is a so-called business package (400 PV = 400 EUR net), I am registered as an independent sales partner in potentially the biggest rewards category. We recommend this type of first order to people, who have the goal of building up their own, larger network.

Lavylites Registration Form

    Use the Office for signing me up in case that my country of residence is not opened yet. (Your country can be changed as soon as it has been opened by Lavylites Ltd.)

    I want to use Lavylites only for myself.I would like to build a business with Lavylites.