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About Lavylites

Experience The Evolution of Cosmetics!

Lavylites Introduction

Experience the change maker in the cosmetic and medical industry!

Results of Lavylites applications are astonishing and go by far beyond simple cosmetic effects. Lavylites cosmetics have made a great breakthrough, with potential to improve conventional beauty and health care.

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest and visiting our website. At we are focusing on a product called Lavylites and the experience we made with it. What we can do with the sprays is unbelievable. It is the world’s first body care with extreme positive side effects.

Lavylites is a unique and very powerful innovation that has been invented by the hungarian scientist of medical development T. Jakabovic. Lavylites has been created through 20 years of intense research and finally released as a cosmetic product that combines over 2000 natural ingredients with the highest technological and ethical standards. We all know that even a harmless minor allment can restrict the quality of life. We suffer all the more, when we are plagued with painful injuries, wounds or lasting health impairments.

„Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without it“ – Arthur Schoppenhauer

Part of the success of Lavylites is the oscillational effect, which is caused by a particle that due to its specific three-dimensial structure and tiny size, is able to penetrate many layers of skin and tissue, as well as the cells of our bones. Lavylites molecules can easily pass through the cells membrane. By using this effect the information of Lavylites goes directly into the cells and helps to optimise the cell from inside.

Lavylites Nano Effect

Due to the nanoscale effect of Lavylites, it is possible to transfer the active substances by appliance on the skin, all the way to the bone cells in a matter of seconds.

This effect is applied with positive results in the area of cosmetic appearance and your well being, caused by the patented extraction technology. As a result you will experience immense positive results.

Lavylites Experience & Lavylites Reviews

If a product is born from 20 years of research and path-breaking knowledge that is several decades ahead of its time, one is curious. And if this product is in a position to transport over 3000 informations units of natural ingredients and bio-active substances to the body cells demonstrably within seconds, one is astonished. But if it is just a simple spray with which thousands of people have had sensational, at times even unbelievable experiences on their own bodies, then it is impossible to stop the excitement.

The creator of Lavylites has successeded in capturing the vibrations of the biophotons in his creation of sprays and other products from more than 250 natural substances (precious stones, minerals, Schüssler Salts, healing plants, colloidal metals), which can reach the DNA in the cell kernel within seconds and psoitively influence cell regeneration there. The creations containing this stimulating essences can support beauty, wellness, vitality, zest for life and health positively! Lavylites is licensed as a 100% natural cosmetic within the EU.

 Lavylites Ingredients

Lavylites active substances contain information (oscillations) that have been gathered amongst minerals, healing crystals, healing plants, herbs and colloidal metals. These are combined in a way, in which they are able to promote each other and increase their positive influence on the body. In fact, Lavylites has been created with more than 3000 different ingredients.

Lavylites products

  • free of any animal
  • free of animal-based chemicals or ingredients
  • produced while maintaining highest ethical standards
  • are officially registered and approved as cosmetics
  • no medicine
  • sold without a needed prescription
  • 100% natural

Lavylites Distribution

Lavylites is sold at wholesale prices exclusively to Members through the companies Webshop. Here we show you how to sign up for it and place your order.

All Lavylites products are in stock and available for order.
Lavylites uses Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) to reward your recommendation.

Lavylites for pets and animals

The products are not only limited to work on humans but also animals and pets. Lavylites is the first cosmetic that can be used with your beloved animal. Great results have been documented when Lavylites has been used with horses, dogs and cats. In fact that Lavylites isn’t dangerous when swallowed you don’t have to worry if your pet starts liking Lavylites. Fun fact: We discovered that the animals prefer to drink water that contains Lavylites over water which does not contain Lavylites.

Lavylites Experience & Lavylites Reviews

Lavylites is produced free of animal ingredients and due to its high ethical standards Lavylites is free of animal testing.

Beyond your imagination

The impossible has become possible!

This isn’t the next generation of cosmetics. Lavylites is the evolution of cosmetics, which implements nanotechnological solutions. Lavylites results can be seen fast and satisfy your needs in an unique way.

It took years to develop to this outstanding, comfortable to use, highly effective and save product. The patented Nonoefektor® technology is responsible for the fast transport of bioinformation and energy where needed. Lavylites contains only natural ingredients.

„Never settle for something than the best.“


Further Product Information

Due to legal reasons it is prohibited to publicly publish more specific information about treatment methods, results or testimonals.

However, we are interested in answering all your questions regarding the Lavylites products as well as the Lavylites application and treatment options. Discover how Lavylites can support your health and wellbeing. Therefore, please contact us!