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Order Step by Step

Placing your Lavylites order online

Ordering Lavylites Step by Step

Here we will show you how you place an order step by step.

First of all you should have already signed up for Lavylites. If you didn’t you can sign up here. After you signed up and received your login information via e-mail you are ready to go.

We will open up the back office and webshop login page at Lavylites:

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Here you select your preferred language and enter the Lavylites ID and password that you received by e-mail.

After your successful login into the backend at Lavylites your choose on your left menu the category webshop.

Now, the webshop page will open and your will see the different product categories of Lavylites.

Assuming that you are looking for the bestseller Lavylites Auricum you should select the product category LAVYL.

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Next you will see all Lavyl Products of Lavylites. Choose here the Lavylites Auricum 150ml or Lavylites Auricum 50ml. In case that you intend to start a business with Lavylites we strongly recommend to order a business pack since this will enable you higher levels at later stages within the Lavylites Business. This is a once in a lifetime decision and cannot be revised at a later stage!

After adding the desired amount of Lavylites to your shopping cart you proceed to check out by viewing your Lavylites Shopping Cart.

Within the Lavylites shopping cart you will find all the Lavylites Products that you selected previously. Below the cart you will find the option to enter your invoice and shipping address. In case your country has already been opened by Lavylites you may receive your goods directly sent by Lavylites Headquarter from Hungary.

However, if it is not opened yet you simply use our office address and have the goods forwarded to you. This service is exclusively for those who used for signing up or their partners and partner partners. You can change your shipping address to you directly as soon as Lavylites opened your country.

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You select your Lavylites Shipping Address as well as your Lavylites Invoice Address.

Last but not least you will have to choose on how to confirm your order by selecting your preferred payment method and pay the outstanding balance after placing the order. In case you select to pay by bank transfer you will receive an e-mail after the order placement. Within the e-mail you will find the banking information.

The order is not executed without confirming it by paying the full amount upfront!