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Lavylites Experience

Lavylites is the evolution of cosmetic products by offering outstanding beauty and health benefits.

On the following pages we collected the pros and cons arguments about joining the Lavylites network as well as the advantages of the usage of Lavylites products.

At we collect and publish experiences that have made with the Lavylites Business and Lavylites Products. In order to inform you about Lavylites Products as well as the Lavylites Business this website has been published. On the following pages we collected the most frequently asked questions about Lavylites Products as well as about the Lavylites Business. Each question is shortly answered and offers a link for further research on external websites, which offer in depth information. Furthermore, show you how you sign up for Lavylites and receive the products at wholesale price.

Lavylites FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the hook with Lavylites?

Almost everybody who hears about Lavylites thinks that it seems to be to good to be true. Somebody might even think what kind of Bullsh*t people believe in. We won’t rate nor judge the Lavylites Products for you and therefore will simply give you recommendations and links to people who do, so that you can make your own experience.

In case you want to test Lavylites Products without buying them we recommend you to contact your desired sponsor with which you sign up at Lavylites. In case you don’t have a sponsor we will find somebody suitable for you. Just use the Lavylites registration form.

Basically said, Lavylites Products are registered and licensed as cosmetic article. Nobody would buy Lipstick and hope to be able to heal cancer with it. In the world wide web there have been quite a lot of reports that present positive side effects of Lavylites. It is hyped as a miracle product for healing humans and animals.

We recommend to be careful about such reports. Lavylites Products do not claim any healing effects and are not supposed to be used as medicine. Personally, we don’t support experience reports that promote healing side effects of Lavylites, since every patient is supposed to be considered as an individual and also reacts to treatments differently. Therefore, we recommend to rather try Lavylites yourself before studying other peoples experiences. Once you understand what it does, you could investigate further options of application.

Are Lavylites products overpriced?

All Lavylites products are high quality products and therefore not low-priced. The high-quality ingredients justify the market segment in which the company has settled its products. All products are natural products and do not contain any additives which damage the organism. Lavylites distinguishes itself clearly from conventional cosmetic products and makes these obsolete. Comparing the cost-benefit ratio of the products with the intervention of a cosmetician, or possible consequential damage caused by polluting additives in low-cost products, Lavylites is certainly a product that helps you to save money in the long term. In addition, Lavylites does not waste money for expensive television advertising or the same, but rewards convinced users for the recommendation.

Where can I find Lavylites experience reports?

Lavylites experience reports regarding the abuse of Lavylites Products as medicine as well as Lavylites user reports that testify the health benefits of Lavylites will remain publicly unpublished by us. This is due to legal restriction and a strict policy by the headquarter of Lavylites Ltd. However, we can point out third party websites to you that might have published Lavylites experience reports (without naming the products Lavylites). In general, it is to be noted that all Lavylites Products are not recognized medicines by the current state of school medicine. Lavylites products have an EU approval as cosmetic product and are registered as these. Therefore, no experience reports regarding healings associated with using the name „Lavylites“ may be published. We only assume that the pointed out page could be about Lavylites.


How to buy Lavylites?

All Lavylites products can be ordered and purchased directly from the manufacturer webshop. However, it is only available for members. We will show you how to buy Lavylites or how to order „the miracle from Hungary“ – at wholesale price!

> Order Lavylites at wholesale prices

How do I make a Lavylites order?

We also tell you step by step how to order Lavylites via the online shop of the manufacturer. For this we have provided you with an online guide line.

> Ordering Lavylites

Experience with the Lavylites Business

It is prohibited by Lavylites Ltd. that products are sold directly throgh the Internet (for instance through third party webshops or platforms like Amazon, eBay etc.), as this is not in the interests of the Lavylites Community. Caution with purchases, which do not come directly from the manufacturer! For safety reasons, only buy original products directly from the manufacturer! We will show you how to get Lavylites at wholesale price.

> Learn more about purchasing Lavylites

How does the Lavylites Business work?

The Lavylites Partner Program offers every registered customer the opportunity to make money through product recommendations. The affiliate program allows you to benefit from any referral made by your customers. Lavylites is thus one of the most profitable distribution systems in the world, as up to 58% of profit is distributed within the sales structure. In other companies, this money might flow in expensive advertising.

Learn more about the Lavylites Business model


How do I apply Lavylites?

The Lavylites products are very complex and their versatility has to be carefully and precisely passed on. Unfortunately, we are not authorized to publish Lavylites instructions for use, as Lavylites products are EU-approved as cosmetic products and should only be used by for cosmetic use. It is believed that there is a web page that may have published application and product descriptions of Lavylites products without naming the products name. Here are the links:


What Lavylites Products are there?

Lavylites has produced different product series. These product series are as follows: Lavyl, Solvyl, Exyol, Heavyl.

The products differ in ingredients and in the application usage which is stated in the official online shop of the manufacturer. We may not publish any more detailed information on the application in the interest due to legal restrictions of the manufacturer.

Some of the best selling Lavylites Products are named: Lavyl Auricum, Lavyl Auricum Sensitive, Lavyl 32, Lavyl Lymph, Lavyl Hair, Lavyl Body, Lavyl Clean, Lavylose, Lavylo Lipbalm and Allin Body Butter. The Solvyl Series includes Solvyl CC, Solvyl Fullflex, Solvyl Hair, Solvyl Body and Solvyl Clean. The Exyol Series consists of Exyol SC, Amrita, Amanga, NoFret, Gemma Bright, Gemma Helvetia and Gemma Prevent. The Heavyl series consists of Heavyl juice and Haevyl 3.1.

The Lavylites company is developing new products currently.