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Lavylites Distribution

Your financial independence is our goal

Lavylites Distribution

Lavylites products are advertised and sold by the use of a Multi-Level-Marketing structure. This is also well known as word of mouth.

Due to the innovative and evolutionary nature of the Lavylites products the Lavylites company decided to choose an internationally proven way to market its products. The principle is quite simple:

Conventional marketing costs are reduced to zero. Therefore the company offers its consumers to build a business and earn money by recommending the products to their friends, family and prospective business partners.

Wikipedia describes it as: „Independent non-salaried participants, referred to as distributors (variously called „associates“, „independent business owners“, „independent agents“, etc.), are authorized to distribute the company’s products or services. They are awarded their own immediate retail profit from customers plus commission from the company, not downlines, through a multi-level marketing compensation plan, which is based upon the volume of products sold through their own sales efforts as well as that of their downline organization.

Independent distributors develop their organizations by either building an active consumer network, who buy direct from the company, or by recruiting a downline of independent distributors who also build a consumer network base, thereby expanding the overall organization.“

This means that you can sign up for Lavylites and start recommending the products at no cost or financial risks. Everybody who signs up through your recommendation will be rewarded with the benefits and can buy Lavylites products at wholesale prices.

In fact, if people buy directly at the company you won’t be able to earn a direct sales commission as if you would sell Lavylites to them with your sales margin. Nevertheless, you will be rewarded for your efforts of introducing them to Lavylites, since your passive income will rise by every sale that the company does to their new costumers and their new costumers which originally have been referred by you.

The person that give the recommendation to another prospect is considered as Lavylites Sponsor. Within the Multi-Level-Marketing Business the Sponsor supports the new costumer.

How big is the MLM Market
The top of the iceberg are 3 MLM business are:
  • Avon Products, Inc., founded in 1986. Avon has annual sales of $11.3 billion and over 6.5 million sales associates. Avon markets various beauty products, jewelry, and fashion apparel.
  • Amway, founded in 1959. Amway has annual sales of $10.9 billion and over 3 million sales associates selling cosmetic, wellness and food and beverage products.
  • Herbalife Ltd., founded in 1980. Herbalife has annual sales of $4.8 billion and has over 2.7 million sales associates. Products include cosmetics, personal care items and nutritional supplements.
According to the Direct Selling Association, in 2015 over 20 million people in the U.S. were involved in direct selling, with total sales of $36.1 billion. More than 74 percent of the American public has purchased goods or services through direct selling. Worldwide sales are also strong with more than $154 billion in sales.

Why Is Multilevel Marketing So Popular?

A good reason is that most Multilevel Marketing Companies offer you a transparent reward scheme in which you can decide how much you want to earn. Furthermore, it is a convenient way to earn easy money without risk. If you like to talk to people and can identify with the product you can start right away.

You don’t need to take a loan to rent an office or buy equipment. No necessary minimum education, no job interviews, no expensive buying into a franchise. You are your own boss and decide how hard you want to work and which income you want to achieve.

Additionally, you are supported by your Sponsor who wants you to become more successful. Whereas in other businesses your supervisors might try to limit you and keep you lower than themselves.

At we are looking forward to give you the support you need and help you to grow in order to gain financial independence.

Lavylites Business FAQ

In this section, we are not focusing on the Lavylites products or the company philosophy of Lavylites Ltd, but rather on questions about network marketing. Network marketing is also known as multilevel marketing (MLM) or structure sales.

Is Lavylites a ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme?

Lavylites is a classic structure distribution similar to Vorwerk®, Amway®, Tupperware®, Thermomix®, Avon® or LR®. Lavylites is completely free to join and be part of it. You are free to sign up and you are not obliged to make any sales or minimum purchase. The registration is similar to a registration in a commercial onlineshop. You buy and pay only for what you want and thus no hoardest products in the cellar.

Where is the hook?

This is dependent on your setting. If you enter into the business seriously and engaged, it will be worthwhile for you and offers you a risk-free self-employment. As a member of our team we will support you to do so.
However, if you think that Lavylites is a fast realm system, we have to disappoint you. Of course, there may be exceptions, however, it is important to remember that it takes time and energy before financial independence arises. Your success is independent of your education, age, sex, occupation or physical condition.

What is the Lavylites Income?

The Lavylites Income is the income you receive for being active with Lavylites. It means that you have been placing an order within the period of 4 weeks. Every week Lavylites is calculating a bonus that you are entitled to, according to your own structure as well as the turnover and growth of itself. In the beginning of the Lavylites Business the Lavylites Income can be quite fluctuating due to the impact of each sale, for instance:

You have only one member in your downline. In the first week your of your newly enrolled business partner the Lavylites Purchase has been a business package of which you will earn at least 20%. In the second week nothing has been bought and no bonus has been generated from your direct downline. However, you could be still earn a bonus depending on your position within your sponsors structure. As a matter of fact we can tell that the greater your structure grows the more stable it will become.

According to our experience the partner program of Lavylites is suitable as main income as well as a passive secondary salary. You are welcome to try it for free. Signing up as a simple customer or random tester does not hurt you financially, since it is a non-binding and free registration. After you placed an order above 80 PV you might be already entitled to receive payments depending on your position in your partners structure.


Is Lavylites for you?

With Lavylites, anyone can make a good salary as long as two recommendations are made, but we also have realized that not everyone is lucky and someones have more success than others. Therefore, we would like to show you the success factors that we discovered.

Successful Lavylites Partners bring a certain serenity and learning ability, as well as an endurance, which makes it possible for them to belong to the top earners. When we speak of top earners, these are 5-digit amounts a week. This sounds utopian for you? The way has been shown and can be copied.

You should be able to confirm at least one of the following points to be successful in the Lavylites MLM business:

  • You are charming and have contacts
  • You are friendly
  • You want to help your fellow human beings and promote their happiness and health
  • You have a dream about you want to finance
  • You want to reach new heights
  • You react positively to Lavylites products
  • You like to deal with people and animals

How does the everyday of a successful Lavylites Partner look like?

You deal with the things that seem important to you. It may be that you work directly on your dreams or travel frequently. You can always have your business with you, if you want. However, if you have not already arrived at the point of a free life, you should be willing to change and also be willing to invest time and energy in Lavylites.

What is a strong Lavylites Partner?

A strong Lavylites Partner is the one who accumulated expertise in MLM and is able to support you and your downline.

Let us teach you the secrets of the successful MLM and profit from our know-how in the market. Our goal is your independence and financial independence!

What is the Lavylites Structure?

The business plan at Lavylites is determined by the structure. This is why the term „structural distribution“ is used. The Lavylites structure is a binary tree. This means that every Lavylites partner has a left and a right partner. You get your payout according to the conversion of both partners, whereby the weaker leg is the decisive one. In addition, Lavylites knows PV points and CV points, which would exceed the scope of the description and require a detailed explanation. First of all, it is clear to the MLM experts that the Lavylites structure is a super innovative and lucrative merit option.

Can financial independence by reached with Lavylites?

YES! And the best of it is that the income generated by Lavylites is it results by helping people. The days on which night shifts, weekends or holidays were spent away from the family are so passe. Unless you schedule your Lavylites Business to this time. Through the Lavylites Business, you can build up a pension plan or rise your passive income to a level that it might be your primary income.

If you know two people to whom you would like to recommend Lavylites two you should defiantly sign up now. Order two Lavylites Auricum Sprays and introduce it to them. This is comparable to planting two seeds. Most likely your potential Lavylites Partners will like the product and do the same.

Advantages of Lavylites Business to an „average“ job

Negative: You are paid according to your commitment. If you invest little time and effort, your income will be lower because they are not yet stable at the beginning. In addition, it is important to note that not every person is suitable for the business model, but we are ready to challenge all difficulties together, if it is your true desire.

Positive: The working time decreases over time. The working hours are flexible and freely selectable. You look for the people you want to work with and chose places from which you want to work yourself. No application – you are your own boss right from the start. You help many people and get a lot of gratitude and appreciation. Experience and previous knowledge are an advantage but not required. You can pass your position at Lavylites, including the associated income.

How to start the Lavylites Business successfully?

You tested the Lavylites products for your relatives and acquaintances. If this is a positive reaction, we recommend that you try them together. If there is an interest in your environment, we will help you with Lavylites and we will help you with Lavylites. So you only have one recommendation and we make sure that this recommendation will benefit you in your structural structure. Of course, you remain the sponsor and referrer. You concentrate on doing something good to humans and if they want to do more with Lavylites we take the introduction for you.

Here you will find a detailed description on how we suggest you to start with Lavylites.

How can I build up my own network?

„It’s nothing for me. I don’t know anyone. I’m not a sales person!”
Lots of people have the same or similar answer, and they are convinced of the products but have doubts in themselves when it comes to building up their own network. And that’s exactly what we thought too! As time has passed, we noticed that we actually don’t have to do anything other than to talk about our experiences and the experiences of the people around us. That just happens by itself in daily life, especially when we encounter people, who tell us about their health problems. This often turns into an easy and unforced conversation and you simply inform people about the products.
And if you want to inform several people at the same time one day, you can invite us as speakers.