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Lavylites Business

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Lavylites Business

From generating a passive income to building a retirement plan and financial independence

This section is dedicated to those who strive to create a business with Lavylites. Either by reselling the Lavylites Products to your customers or by recommending them. The Lavylites company decided to promote their products exclusively by the use of Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) and therefore enables and encourages its customers to recommend the products.

Here you will learn to successfully start with Lavylites, assuming that you already discovered the uniqueness and innovation that Lavylites Products offer. We have covered Multi-Level-Marketing on our Lavylites Distribution page.

Before we are getting deeper into the Lavylites Business we have outlined for you the Arguments and strong points for entering the Lavylites Business as well as the Weakness and Critic of Lavylites. However, in case of joining the Team we will make these weaknesses your strength and get you infos as well as training on sales and marketing.

Lavylites Pros & Cons

Reasons for Lavylites

  • Lavylites has no upfront costs
  • Lavylites outstanding compensation and bonuses
  • All Lavylites products have been tested

No Upfront Costs

There is no cost to sign up with Lavylites as an independent distributor. Registration gives consumers the opportunity to purchase products at wholesale prices and earn commissions when they refer others to purchase products. Distributors typically receive 20 percent commission on retail product sales.

Compensation and Bonuses

Partners also log in their accounts and activate by purchasing 80 EUR worth of products from the Webshop. Partners can earn bonuses and 1 business position in the compensation plan, but cannot upgrade to a Business Partner account. Those wishing to become Business Partners by activating their account with the purchase of the Business Pack II for 400 EUR. Business Partners receive 3 business positions in the compensation plan and are also eligible to receive bonuses.

Tested Products

The company’s products are both clinically and dermatologically tested. Laboratory result have confirmed that the products contain strong antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. These products work by stimulating the hormonal system to elicit self-healing and pain-killing mechanisms in the brain. This innovative technology has been developed and tested for over 20 years.

Lavylites Critics & Weaknesses

  • Lavylites‘ high-maintenance products
  • Lack of sales and marketing training by the HQ
  • Little information provided by the HQ

Little Information on Website

While the Lavylites website is somewhat easy to navigate, its content and overall design could be improved. For example, the site only provides vague information regarding the company’s products and compensation plan. Additionally, the site encourages visitors to check out other links for more information and then takes them away from the main site.

Lack of Sales and Marketing Training

Lavylites does not provide detailed information regarding the training and support it offers for new distributors. Advanced sales and marketing techniques are generally very helpful skills in this field; individuals without a background in these areas may struggle without company training and support.

High-Maintenance Products

Products must be shaken well before each use in order to activate the nanoparticles. After product use, the lid on the sprays must be completely closed to prevent the leakage of nanoparticles. Additionally, the products must be stored in a cool and dry place where they are not exposed to sunlight. Some consumers have complained that the products are expensive.

The Bottom Line

Lavylites is a nutraceutical company that is relatively new to the multi-level marketplace. There is no initial startup cost and distributors receive 20 percent commission on retail product sales. However, the company does not appear to offer advanced sales and marketing training, and its website is subpar.

From our experience we suggest you to join our team, since it is by far much more easy if you have a professional sponsor who is interested in helping you to build a business and reach financial independence. We support you with plenty of information about Lavylites that you won’t get from Lavylites Headquaters, i.e: User Reviews and Application Descriptions, Sales and Marketing Aids and Training and much more.

Your Start into the Lavylites Business

1. Signing up for Lavylites

The first step is to register for Lavylites. Since Lavylites is using a MLM Structure you shall choose a strong sponsor (this could be The benefit of a strong Lavylites Sponsor is that you will get professional support when building your business. for instance offers you marketing aids (brochures, flyers, websites), Lavylites Meetings with professional trainers and speakers as well as Lavylites Experience since the launch of the first Lavylites Product. The signing up takes about two minutes.

You decide who you want to work with and therefore you do not have to register with the one who introduced the product to you. However, we recommend you to support the recommendation provider, especially when it concerns the narrower acquaintance circle or even family.

2. Ordering Products from Lavylites

If you have not yet tested the products yourself, we suggest to do it now. From experience we can tell that the more you have been using Lavylites the more you will love the products. This will increase your authenticity when giving a recommendation. Although there are people who do not use the products and who are only interested in the distribution of the products, the products of Lavylites are so evolutionary that at least they should be tried.

When ordering the first time, you should already be aware of whether you want to use Lavylites only for yourself and build up a small passive income, or if you want to use Lavylites professionally! If you want to do business professionally you should be willing to invest time and reach out to people.

In case you are already working in the field of health and beauty it will be very easy for you refer Lavylites Products to your clients and have them by it from you directly for personal application. If they are interested in buying more it is the right time to become their Lavylites Sponsor.

For the professional start with Lavylites it is advisable to start with a business package in any case! As this will open up further earnings opportunities in the future business process, which will otherwise be closed to you.

Basically: As registered Lavylites Member you have access to the back office and the webshop. In the webshop you order and buy the Lavylites Products as you want. Since you are interested in doing business with Lavylites you want to buy Lavylites cheaper than in a single order you are recommended to reach at least 80PV at each purchase. This will already enable you for bonus payments by the company. If you are a business person, a business package is recommended to get maximum bonuses right from the beginning. The business package is available for everyone who signs up with Lavylites. These packages offer added bonus as well as the larger discount. The entry decision is a one-time and one missed opportunity that cannot be revised in the later business. If you are unsure what is right for you, you can let us advise you.

3. Testing Lavylites Products

Usually you should have had the opportunity to test the Lavylites products free of charge with your sponsor in case that this has been a personal meeting. However, we receive more and more requests of customers and individuals who want to start the Lavylites Business without having had contact with the product. Neither we, nor Lavylites sends out samples. Therefore, the easiest way to get in touch with the product is to meet a Lavylites Partner close to you or attend a Lavylites Event in which the products are demonstrated. However, we never had a customer who ordered a product and hasn’t been satisfied with it. Generally speaking it is more like once somebody recognises the power behind Lavylites they are ordering again and are also interested in the further products than the bestseller Lavylites Auricum Spray.

After the Lavylites Products have found the way to you through the mail, either by direct shipping to you (in case your country has been opened by Lavylites) or by using our forwarding service and you start to spray on every symptom of yourself and later on even at your accountancies or even pets. Sounds funny, but you will soon discover the power of Lavylites. Afterwards it is important to see how your fellows react to it. So spray, wait, jam and rejoice.

4. Distribution and Network Structure Building

You will recognise that the tested environment reacts positively in 99% of all cases. Even if the environment refused to be contacted with Lavylites they usually will get back to you afterwards. But what to do if you did not get any positive reaction? Do not let it happen! You can be assured. The Lavylites Products have been extensively tested and tested by thousands of people. The results that have been documented in Lavylites Experience Reports speak for themselves. Patience will result in positive results. It can happen that your test person feels uncomfortable by confirming a positive effect, because they are afraid to be pulled into a business for which they are not ready yet. Some people also do not want to buy immediately and might search the internet to buy it online. Anyhow, if you focus on building the business your will be rewarded sooner or later.

As soon as your potential sponsored prospect wants to know more about Lavylites – the miracle from Hungary –  you will provide all information as good as you can or we will help you further and get them signed up in your MLM structure. By using the marketing aids that we offer you should be able to get them willing to sign up yourself. In case that you have several prospects on hand it is possible to gather them at your place and have your upline supporting you with a trainer or more professional user of Lavylites in order to explain your audience the products and the business plan. Everybody who signs up will then be beneficial to your MLM Structure.

With Lavylites, you have a unique and very valuable gift in your hand – this is the right time!

Through the given recommendations of your distribution partners to us, or by a registration of your distribution partners (entering your Lavylites ID) or by registering the prospects yourself, your structure grows and so will the turnover created by your recommendations and the recommendations of your recommendations. Through our support, you can focus on your strengths and take care of all the emerging issues. In addition, we will take you through the registrations of the new sales partners and explain the business plan as well as the product application.

5. Help your downline to grow their structure

As your structure grows and grows by helping your partners to help their partners it will reach a size which enables you to concentrate on the pleasant things. The support of your partners is fun and worth it. Help your sales partners reach their dreams by increasing your mutual structure.

 6. Enjoy financial independence

Once you are satisfied with the size of your structure and the resulting weekly income you will have the financial security and freedom to do what you like, while your structure grows and grows. Lavylites is still a very young company with great international results. From a point of business perspective it is a miracle as well as the benefits the product offers itself.

Lavylites User Reviews from a Business Point of View

The question that has come up many times during my conferences was that weather people are interested in Lavylites Products or in the Lavylites Business possibility?
Lavylites Products own such an effect which is yet unique. There are no competitors, by the “side effect” of these cosmetics, we can propose solutions to problems that medicines couldn’t ever cure. These products are sometimes considered to be too expensive. In my opinion the expensive ones are those which don’t even work and even have side effects. In the case of Lavylites, there is no side effect nor risk. (Well there’s risk only if you do not try it 🙂 ) When you purchase any kind of medicine there are warnings about the actual product and their side effect and that you should talk to your doctor. Here is an article about it that I also recieved:
“At the end of television advertisments they say it with nonchalant elegance:
“Consider asking your doctor about the risks and side effects.”
Let’s suppose that the patient will ask their doctor. Let’s suppose that they will get the answer. They will get the risks and side effects enumerated. But noone is ever informed about the main point. How many people die by these side effects? What is the specifical number of this risk?
Here are some details that I’ve collected from professional medicine reviews:
A medical journal called “Medical Tribune” says in 04.09.2009:
Medicines considered to be safe and which are proposed by doctors kill 197 000 people in the European Union with their side effects every year. (There are approximately 500 million habitants in the European Union). Monthly:16,400. Daily: 540. Every hour: 23

Well I think that what we, Lavylites Products Distributors can offer, grabs a lot of attention. By the end of the ’90s I joined an MLM network and during my job I experienced that people hardly want to change their good old cleaning supplies, toothpaste or whatever. Eventhough the products I was selling were quite good and in a long time distance they would have been much cheaper to buy. Here in the case I noticed when I’m describing what this business really is, people don’t even ask about the cost of Lavylites Lavyl Auricum. What’s more after they start using it they call me and tell about their new experiences or that how much better it is than their old glops. In most of the cases a registration follows these calls. And here we are at the question if people are interested in MLM enterprises. If you ask me it has never been any more uptodate to deal with an MLM enterprise than nowadays.
While I was building my very first network business at the end of the ’90s I frequently heard as an excuse that people wanted a secure workplace. In my estimation most of us want it but nowadays it’s not the “secure” workplace that they advertise and what’s more what seemed to be secure until now, might not be any longer. What’s very likeable for me in this enterprise is that I can earn money while helping others! I can help people with Lavyl products like giving a solution to one of their physical problems or if they want to earn more money I can also show its possibilites.

For starting up this enterprise there is a very “serious” ivestment needed, all in all 100 euros in cash 🙂 I’m already rolling on the floor laughing calling it an investment. I would call this sum anything but an investment. First of all let’s measure the risks: nothing! Why do I say that? Among other factors because of that you receive products in 100 euros’ price which you can heal yourself with or if not yourself, I’m pretty sure there is someone having problems in your acquintanceship that you can try the products out on. If we can make sure that the product is able to do what they set up about it, we gain faith which is not a neglibible factor to a product distributor. I nearly have 20 years of practice in business. I have built up multiple enterprises and have operated them successfully. I had to wind them up for other reasons and it also happened that I lost millions of forints within days. But I’ve learnt the lessons. There’s something for sure. I have never ever seen any better opportunity than Lavyl business here in Hungary! Starting such an enterprise may be an opportunity both to someone who doesn’t have a lot of money and who has much, too.

The motivation for those who don’t have much yet, can be the thought of getting a lot of money. For those who already have a lot, the motivation will be the potential of building up an MLM business and having time to enjoy the gain.
Recently I met young people who didn’t even have money to start up but during the negotiation I shared some of my experiences about the product and it turned out that there are some relatives in their family who could do with some Lavyl help. By this time it occured to me that if they look up their relatives with Lavylites then they will be able to get their first order therefore they can registrate. From then on they have the opportunity to make money.
All I want to say with it is that anyone can start dealing with this enterprise and it doesn’t matter if you have money or not. All that matters is having a dream which is worth working for.
A lot of people say that they are not from this kind I mean they couldn’t sell anything. Then I look at them with a stupid face of mine and ask: Have you ever suggested a film, a hairdresser or a new restaurant to your friend? The answer is always the following: Of course I did!
The question is how much they paid for your suggestion? Since here in Lavylites business I get paid for offering the product! This time they look at me with a stupid face 🙂
I want to ask you if you know any job nowadays that is secure? Do you know any? Because I’m not sure. In recent years I have seen such firms being ruined which I never thought could.
To sum it up: Lavylites Business means a possibility to everyone!