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About Us


About is an Independent Lavylites Partner. Better said we are a network of Independent Lavylites Distribution Patners. We actively grow the Lavylites Business and therefore the structure of us and in case you join us yours as well!

“Network marketing? Us? Never ever!”

That was what we thought for decades for many of us. Our prejudices and superficial knowledge were too negative. This was probably influenced by the pyramid schemes of the 90s, which only had one goal: to separate people from their money. We have also never understood why people would buy cosmetics or dietary supplements through a system of network marketing, when you can get similar products freely in shops.

But then the Lavylites Products with the wonderful „effects“ crossed our path, and piqued our cautious curiosity. Could there really be something to it? After we had some positive experiences, we became more and more interested and it became a fascination. Driven on one side by this fascination and on the other hand by our scepticism for network marketing, combined with doubts about the numerous experience stories you can find on the internet, we took an unusual path:

We tested the products out of our own pocket for six months on more than 40 people from our area.

At the beginning we documented these people’s stories meticulously. The positive reports came in very quickly. Unfortunately, we cannot publish them here. The feeling you get when a person tells you about the improvement in their problem is so satisfying that the decision for us was quite clear: We’re going to continue with this.

Unfortunately after this decision, there was no way around the business concept of the company – network marketing. At the beginning it was difficult to obtain information that was really verifiable. So we visited a few large information events and were surprised that we always came across people who wanted to help us. There was no such thing as a silly question and nothing was too irrelevant.

And suddenly our scepticism for the business concept and network marketing was gone, just like that. We were suddenly a part of the network, and suddenly there was someone from the so-called “upline”, a person who was somewhere above us in the system. And right from the beginning and even now still, this person is there for us any time, with patience and advice. Everyone is interested in seeing the others succeed, but there are no expectations to keep, no pressure to perform. We had to get used to it at first, when you have experienced the rat race in business and industry for decades, whether among colleagues or in the company hierarchies.

And then everything ran its course: We just started to tell people about the wonderful products without having a plan. At some point we held our first information event, which then became a regular event. Some participants became customers, who got the products from us, or bought them themselves from the free registration. Others were so interested that they registered just like us and became “partners” and also recommend the products to other people. And that’s it… no more, no less.

These days it has become a passion to inform people of the products with the wonderful effects, all over the world.

For us, the products in connection with people are in the foreground, not fast-paced, superficial business. Yes, our team can and should grow, but by using completely honest information and near you.