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Lavylites Evolution of cosmetics Nano technology meets the power of nature Join the Team! We love to share our experience. offers Lavylites delivery world wide Sign up with us for and enjoy our international fowarding service Best retirement plan Financial security through passive income Be healthy and wealthy with Lavylites

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Have you heard of Lavylites? We outline the pros and cons about the Lavylites Business[nbsp_tc]and show you how to sign up for it.

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You are interested in buying Lavylites at wholesale prices? We explain you how to get the product you want delivered to you world wide.

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We collected most frequently asked questions about the Lavylites Business and Lavylites Products.

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Lavylites goes global [br_tc]by

Finally, you are able to receive Lavylites in every country world wide. [br_tc]Even before the country has been officially opened by Lavylites. [br_tc]Find out more about our exclusive offer.[nbsp_tc]

Lavylites International Shipping

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About Lavylites

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Lavylites Products (sprays, cremes, essences, etc.) exceed expectations in various forms. See how Lavylites will help you and your friends and family.

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Innovative cosmetics for external application

[/li_tc][li_tc icon=’icon-ok‘ icon_color=’#3f64d8′]

Environment friendly and non toxic if swallowed[nbsp_tc]

[/li_tc][li_tc icon=’icon-ok‘ icon_color=’#3f64d8′]

Animal friendly production and also usable on pets

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What do we do?[nbsp_tc]

We inform you about Lavylites and help you to buy Lavylites at wholesale price and to build a business with Lavylites.[nbsp_tc]

Let us be your Sponsor and introduce you into the Lavylites Business model.[nbsp_tc]

Since Lavylites is sold through Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM), you are enabled the chance to participate in the success story of it. In case you don’t know Lavylites or Multi-Level-Marketing we are looking forward to introduce you to it and support you in building a Business Structure.[nbsp_tc]

The ultimate goal for us is to create financial independence for you. The more you are willing to reach it the more we will support you to achieve your goal. We are are waiting for you. Are you ready?[nbsp_tc]

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Lavylites[nbsp_tc]is a relatively new cosmetics and health care company The companyís product line was created by Jakabovics. He is a pharmaceutical chemist, scientist and a nanotechnology expert who is recognized internationally.

Jakabovics first invented, then patented a product using nanotechnology, that they currently use in their cosmetics products.

According to the Lavylites official website, they have over 20,000 Distributors working around the world.

[/tab_tc][tab_tc title=’Lavylites Products‘]

All supplements are 100% natural, they don’t have side effects, and have proven to be safe for people of all ages, as well as animals.

All Lavylites products have been both dermatologically and clinically tested. Lab results have shown that they have strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as well.

These products stimulate your hormonal system, this helps to promote pain-killing and self-healing mechanisms in your brain.

This technology was tested and developed for over 20 years. The essences are sprayed onto your skin and they penetrate beyond the different layers of your skin and into the tissue.

The ingredients are supposed to hit the cells and be absorbed in just a few seconds.

Besides the herbal ingredients, their products also have colloidal metals, minerals and various healing crystals. They can deliver their products all over the world in as little as one to two weeks.

[/tab_tc][tab_tc title=’Lavylites Opportunity‘]

It won’t cost you anything to sign up as an Independent Distributor. After registration, you are able to buy the products at wholesale, and the chance to make a commission when you refer others to make purchases.

The Distributors usually get a 20% commission on all retail sales. LavyLites also will train the distributors in PowerPoint, product applications, their marketing plan and sales. They also hold monthly workshops and seminars.

There are three different ways for the consumer to start up their accounts. As a customer, you must first log into your account and buy 40 EUR worth of LavyLites products from their Webshop. As a customer however, you aren’t entitled to get any bonuses.

The Partners also have log into their accounts and they activate them by buying 80 EUR worth of products.

Partners activate their accounts by buying 80 EUR worth of products from their Webshop. As a Partner, you can get bonuses and move up one position in their compensation plan, but you can’t upgrade to be a Business Partner.

If you want to become a Business Partner, you must buy the Business Pack II, which costs 400 EUR.

Business Partners will get three business positions through their compensation plan, plus they are also able to get bonuses.

[/tab_tc][tab_tc title=’Lavylites Opportunity‘]

Though Lavylites is a relatively new company, they seem to be legitimate so far. Most MLM companies go under in less than five years.

In order to make some decent money as an individual distributor with this company, you need to have experience in marketing and advanced sales techniques or a good sponsor. If you have this experience, chances are you will do well. If you don’t, this business venture may prove to be very difficult for you unless you have a sponsor who supports you.

While the website is pretty easy to navigate an understand, it is vague when it comes to describing the products and the compensation plan. Therefore, you should have a sponsor who supports you with the information needed. Bottom line is that it may be difficult to get people to make purchases if these aren’t demonstrated and become interested in their plan since it takes a bit time to explain.


[/tab_tc][/tabs_tc][/column_tc][/section_tc][section_tc section_title=’Lavylites Stats‘ bg_color=’#1e1e21′ bg_image=’‘ bg_image_repeat=’no-repeat‘ bg_image_size=’cover‘ bg_image_position=’center center‘ parallax=’0.1′ section_id=’count‘ class=’stats_expert_alternative‘ alt='“Lavylites‘ title='“Lavylites‘][column_tc span=’3′][stats_excerpt_tc number=’300.000′ duration=’1500′ trigger_pt=’0′ description=’Partner in 3 years‘][/stats_excerpt_tc][/column_tc][column_tc span=’3′][stats_excerpt_tc number=’56‘ duration=’1500′ trigger_pt=’0′ description=’Average Age‘][/stats_excerpt_tc][/column_tc][column_tc span=’3′][stats_excerpt_tc number=’25‘ duration=’1500′ trigger_pt=’0′ description=’Million € Turnover 2016′][/stats_excerpt_tc][/column_tc][column_tc span=’3′][stats_excerpt_tc number=’15‘ duration=’1500′ trigger_pt=’0′ description=’Countries opened‘][/stats_excerpt_tc][/column_tc][/section_tc][section_tc][column_tc span=’12‘][tabs_tc tabs_position=’top‘ selected=’1′][tab_tc title=’Lavylites International‘]

Lavylites International

The Lavylites business started in Hungary, but since then it has very quickly gone international. This is due to the outstanding results and the need for the product.[nbsp_tc]

Within five years the company expanded to 15 European countries which are officially opened by Lavylites and are supplied by the company directly.[nbsp_tc]

In 2017 the company started to open up markets outside of Europe.

All countries which aren’t officially opened can receive their products by using our forwarding service.[nbsp_tc]

[/tab_tc][tab_tc title=’Lavylites UAE‘]

Lavylites UAE – United Arabic Emirates

In June 2017 the company HQ launched the first arabic country. With a big ceremony in the international hub Dubai the first market outside of Europe has been opened.[nbsp_tc]

The main turnover is estimated to be done in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. From Dubai the company is planning to head further east and open up India. Lavylites India is most likely to be launched from Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore.[nbsp_tc]

Read more about Lavylites Opening Dubai

[/tab_tc][tab_tc title=’Lavylites India‘]

Lavylites India

India is supposed to be opened officially in 2017/2018. However, the first small pre-launches and product demonstrations are already taking place.[nbsp_tc]

If you are interested in being one of the first to know about the opening of the Indian Market and attending the opening ceremony in either Kerala or Bangelore please sign up. At present we have it running in New Delhi.

[/tab_tc][tab_tc title=’Lavylites Singapore‘]

Lavylites Singapore

If you are interested in being one of the first to know about the opening of the Singapore[nbsp_tc]Market and attending the opening ceremony in Singapore[nbsp_tc]please sign up.

[/tab_tc][tab_tc title=’Lavylites Hong Kong‘]

Lavylites Hong Kong

If you are interested in being one of the first to know about the opening of the Hong Kong[nbsp_tc]Market and attending the opening ceremony in Hong Kong[nbsp_tc]please sign up.

[/tab_tc][tab_tc title=’Lavylites Australia‘]

Lavylites Australia

If you are interested in being one of the first to know about the opening of the Australian[nbsp_tc]Market and attending the opening ceremony in either Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide[nbsp_tc]please sign up.